Radish and Lettuce in a Freezing Cold Greenhouse. Temperatures dropped to 6 Degrees Fahrenheit. Some plants had frost damage but most survived and started to grow again after the days warmed…


  1. If I may make a suggestion tighten up the envelope around your greenhouse as long as it's airtight caulked and floor underneath the garden boxes is insulated you could heat it with a candle. Rember air infiltration is your enemy

  2. Love your crazy goofball kitty! I bought a pack of black metal garden cat scarers that look just like your cat at :13 and :16. They really work! After watching your vids from last year, I also bought some bus bins from Sam's Club. I have grown spinach, lettuces, mache (corn salad), small carrots, spring onions and strawberries and already starting again for this year. So glad I found your channel. Thanks and please keep shooting cameos of kitty!

  3. Last year we started a 30 inch high raised bed CORE garden. This year I
    was surprised how compacted it got and the amount of topping off I had
    to do but the results of the garden was incredible. Well worth the work
    that went into it. The videos I did on it do not hold a candle to yours
    but you can view them to know what I am referring to. In any case, we
    have taken some tips from you that we have used in our garden. Thank you
    … and keep up the great work.

  4. Love the kitty in the videos. Lost one last year that looked just like yours. Ready for the garden videos to start showing up. Almost time to start some seeds of my own!

  5. I squealed when I saw that you had a new video up! Love your videos man! Especially your cat and your interesting recipes. Can't wait for the next one, thanks for sharing ❤️