Had a 40°C/104°F day today so thought I would take the opportunity to show you how well the wicking beds hold up.. Must say that even after 4 years I still get a …


  1. My aquaponic bed is going to be indoors under a window, in a 65 gallon tub (south exposure). I am interesting in foliage plants that will consume a lot of nitrates, not really interested in vegetables. Any recommendations on plants? I have used Pothos, but I am not sure they are the best for purifying the water and looking really good to. Thank you

  2. Hello, beautiful work friend. We (family) are planning to start a small commercial far in a hot climate through the summer winters are cold -5 max with snow. I am very curious about the idea of wicking beds and it seems very sustainable which i love. But will this work on all year round and on a large scale?If so what important things should i keep in mind. Thanks in advance

  3. What a wealth of information. I live in California, and it sounds like our scorching, arid summers are similar to your' s. In our drought, we will have to be resourceful, and creative, like you've been with your garden. Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a great illustration of how well those wicking beds work for you. Mighty hot down under, eh? Brings back not so happy memories of last summer here. If I was staying at this property I would set up some of my own. Beautiful tour, my friend.

  5. Have been converting all my garden beds & pots to wicking beds & they work really well in SE Qld's hot & at times, quite dry weather. Thanks for the heads up on them Rob. Your instructional videos were very helpful.

  6. I made some of these beds here in California this last year and was able to get an early start and still getting some tomatoes and such well beyound years before. Need to do better in getting shade properly set up since the sun was to overriding factor this year. Great videos. I decided to try this after seeing you set up and modifying it to my space.

  7. "Mini heat wave".  Yes….you can definitely call it that.  Monday and Tuesday were 41.6 and 40.9 out here and we've officially had 0.0mm of rain each day this week.  In fact, the entire month of October except one day (14th).  A co-worker pulled out nearly his entire vegie patch about two weeks ago because he's on tank water and can't spare any for the plants.  The Lockyer Valley hey?  Flood one year, drought the next.  Anyway, great video. A really good promo for wicking/self-watering beds and containers.  I only have a couple of self-watering containers on the go at the moment.  You may have just inspired me to improve and increase my efforts.  

  8. Your title description says 140 degrees…I panicked for you! 104 is still way to hot though. (Had a 40°C/140°F day today). What is the plant in the middle of the lettuce at 1:52 seconds in if you could tell me sir I would appreciate it.