Becky explains how she pays for her homestead. She explains the difference between a homestead business and the homesteading lifestyle. Your goal should be to lower your bills, and live a…


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  2. Our grandparents or even great grandparents did make a living on the homestead. America used to be covered with rural markets. But we “grew up” and ran from the homestead to cities and attended colleges that stressed how backward people were who desired to grow and raise food back home. My Mother grew up in the 50’s and that was her impression. Three generations later we are desperately uneducated about real food, real living and real skills. Cubical life is the most risky plan to gain family wealth. Thanks for the video.

  3. thats what im working on as well i only work part time now. by next year my food expenses will be greatly reduced. then im going to start working on alternative energy. i had to start growing due to me getting an auto immune sickness and having to go to an almost fruit and vegetable diet . i cant trust the food at the market.

  4. Hi becky i am concurrently homeless with limited income an no help. I dont know were to begin to go about getting a home. Any advise would be appreciated. If not im at my end. Im just gona end this misery an suffering thank you anyway

  5. These are goals of mine! I've just only begun to get started withing the past 2 weeks. I am starting with nothing! But I plan on ending with everything I've been dreaming, a simple life on my own patch of land and a little business. I started vlogging and blogging today! If Anyone is interested in my journey from the bottom, feel free to visit my channel and my website

    It's all low budget right now, but I plan on growing in every way I can. Loved this video. I will subscribe for tips!

  6. The cost of solar power is coming down while the technology keeps getting better. Is there a dollar amount that has been calculated for when solar power will become feasible to buy on a frugal budget? I realize that this is mostly a subjective question, but nontheless, is there a graph?

  7. I need you in my life. Like here to help me figure this stuff out lol i have 5 kids and me and my husband work all the time and live in a tiny section 8 housing unit. Feels like we will never get on our feet.

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  9. This woman is freaking daffy. Where is the part about WAYS TO MAKE MONEY? The titles on her videos are completely deceptive as to what she actually talks about. I'm blocking this woman.

  10. How do you make money to afford animal feed? Medical insurance? Doing all the things on your homestead costs money. How do you afford that? Money doesn't grow on trees, you have to earn it. Unless you have millions of dollars in the bank and that's what you use to pay for everything, but what happens when it runs out? Then what? How do you pay for everything then?