A first try on sharing a cooking video with you all. I plan to keep experimenting with what works and improving the quality if people enjoy this and create a whole …


  1. Howdy Madam,   Just came across your interesting chili cooking  video and love the much garlic and onions you use!  (Also LOVE chili)  Was wondering about the cloves and cinnamon sticks that are included, do you just leave them in the chili?      Thanks and God Bless!                                      Phil     South Carolina

  2. No I'm sorry Yet Ariel I'm just I've seen you in almost all your videos and I just think you're very sweet very young lady and I'm sure you're not single by a long shot but I've always had an interest in wanting to get to know you and it's kind of finally got a little nerve to see if we can even talk Maybe on Facebook or something

  3. I love your tiny house vids, please keep posting 🙂 I would like to be in contact with you…do you have a Facebook page? My name is Bethany and I am wanting to get a tiny house and needed advice.

  4. i seen you threw your empty chili powder jar away ,you should keep them and use for other seasonings you make,grow or buy in bulk ,great vid girl !!!

  5. You like garlic fresh but don't have a press? Almost no effort involved: crush the garlic under a flat knife blade to break the peel loose, put the mangled clove in the press, and squeeze. Takes like ten seconds.

    How do you preserve an entire elk living in such a tiny place?