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  1. This is so cool! Thank you for sharing…I know you can buy them online, but to go find these nests in your own area is fantastic! I'm going to try to scope out some sights to find Preying Mantis nests next week! Thank you!

  2. Just went out today and gathered up 4 egg sacs. Apparently each one can hold dozens to hundreds (!) of mantid…babies(?). But I also learned that because they're carnivores they naturally limit the numbers in any particular area, so we might not be adding as many as we think. Also, because they are rather solitary, their effectiveness in controlling pests is limited since they can't eat so many. In comparison, lady bugs or lacewings are more effective at controlling aphids and such. Still, I think it's well worth the effort to do so. I'm posting a video tomorrow showing me following your suggestion. Another great video, James! Thanks!

  3. Wow! Such great information James, thanks for sharing this. I know my brother has praying mantis in his garden but I've never seen one in our yard yet. There is a little pond a short walk from our house though and there are some reeds and overgrown areas around it. I'll check it out and see what I can find 😀

  4. Very cool. I learnt from Indian natural farming sources that the presence of mantis in a natural/organic garden is a clear indication that there was no pesticides spraying done in around 3 km radius. These guys are that sensitive to pesticides is what I understand. I never thought of finding them somewhere and bring them to the garden, and have never paid attention to their nest for sure. Great tip..thank you!

  5. How big is your food forest? Im trying to figure out how many acres you have planted. These videos are getting me through our Upstate NY winter. Grateful I am actually in the same frost zone you are in, so I can takes notes!!! I will keep watching! Gos bless you!

  6. …a couple of years ago I brought a couple of nests inside that I was going to keep until spring… I thought they might be preying mantis nests…wrong!…the turned out to be grasshoppers…they hatched inside the house and they were all over the place…lol…that was a learning experience!

  7. James, this was a great one. Love to see a new topic covered! Just keep those Pine Barren Mantis' separate from the Shore Mantis'. You know they're gonna fight for their turf…

  8. What's your opinion on this? I have alot of ladybugs in my garden which eat aphids (plant lice). I guess the mantis would also eat my ladybugs …

    This is from wikipedia: For pest control

    Gardeners who prefer to avoid pesticides may encourage mantises in the hope of controlling insect pests.[88] However, mantises do not have key attributes of biological pest control agents; they do not specialize in a single pest insect, and do not multiply rapidly in response to an increase in such a prey species, but are general predators.[88] They eat whatever they can catch, including both harmful and beneficial insects.[87] They therefore have "negligible value" in biological control.[88]

  9. How awesome you've chosen to include actually showcasing beneficial insects and actual harvesting! Wonderful! I just love when you take trips off site, it's always fun to see someone else's environment and circumstances on a broader range to what they deal with as in comparison to what oneself is working. It's all good intel! I'm hoping I don't offend by saying this next bit as I do quite enjoy your tempo, tenor, presentation and everything else that is hiking your subs and views (deservedly), however I feel compelled (having been involved in several cases) to ask a favor as a subscriber, fan and sharer of your videos. I understand you know your own neighborhood like the back of your hand, and you can probably even predict it's pulse of come and go's, but you are seen by a great number of people . The subscribers are just a fraction of who is seeing you, we're all passing you around, gladly, and are happy to help put you out there. But…..will you please get a dash mount for your camera? I understand spontaneity, on the fly, guerilla reality style filming and the genuine connection one can get to the moment. But I also know it only takes a second. If you fiddle with your phone while you're driving in your everyday to day, ok fine, that's your choice to do that and that of your community, but when thousands and thousands and thousands of people are looking to you for inspiration, professionalism, respect, and how to do it right, it's really easy to influence attitudes and behaviors. Please get a dash mount. Even if it's for a 10 second clip. I really dig you James. Please don't perceive this as any sort of attack on your honor or integrity. I subscribe to very few channels that have people talking, so that hopefully says something about how respectful I am trying to be right now. I just cannot convey the heartache shared by both family and that of the person responsible when a life is lost because of a quick fiddle with the phone, or a quick selfie, or a quick video clip that'll look great. It happens. And it only takes a second. Thanks for reading this, and thanks for all the great videos. May the winds be always at your back, friend.

  10. I love some mantis, their vibe is really chill. Unless you're a male mantis. But those are "egg sacs." It was like you were, "Check out my cucumber nest. So many cucumbers growing in my cucumber nest."

  11. Thanks for sharing… Educational, informative and helpful. I'll have to check around my area to find some praying mantis nests that I could place in my garden now that I know what to look for.

  12. Thank you James, this is such a good idea for winter garden prep! I also never thought of gathering the nest pods locally! Our snow cover gets higher and stays longer, I'm thinking those nest/pods would be food fare for mice and birds, do you think putting them in a fridge or cooler outside would be necessary?

  13. How are you watering your food forest in the summer? I've always had a row garden but I moved and have to start over with Georgia clay. Yuk. So I'm watching you for tips. I'm doing a 1/2 acre area. It's in fence. And forest instead of rows. Thank you for your help.