In today’s Farm Vlog I’ll take you around the property and talk about my orchard, planning out your homestead/farm, checking the chickens, keep deer out of your garden/orchard and the secret…


  1. How do you continue to finance additions and every day life while you try to grow your farm? Are you making any money yet (besides the trees) or did you start the operation with a large savings? Just found your channel today and it is pretty interesting! I am jealous to say the least.

  2. On your tree protectors, ref an old Army maxim: "If it's stupid and it works it's not stupid." Substitute ugly for stupid.
    Empty hives: may be CCD or the cold snaps on small colonies. Expect 30-50% losses each year.

  3. New to your channel. Good info so far. I spent two full years from when we decided we wanted to farm until we found and moved onto our property researching more efficient ways to farm. Our property is on a hillside with only one cleared spot near the house suitable for a vegetable garden. 1/3 of that section is the septic field. We built the chicken coop and run at the top of the hill so when it rains, the now fertilized water percolates through the garden area. The rest of the hillside is in the process of being terraced with pathways and ramps for the wheelbarrow. The septic field will get a low fence and be planted with pollinator plants. Occasionally we'll put some chickens in there. I planned my animal rounds so it's a nice circuit from house to chickens to goats and back. Grab soaked chicken feed (and any mice that drowned in the bucket over night), grab a 5-gallon bucket of water and feed/water the birds. Then I walk down the hill to the goats. Feed them some hay and dump fresh water for them. I have a compost pile outside the goat shed for when I clean it out. I fill a bucket with goat litter and take it up the hill and dump it into the run for the chickens to process. Then I head back to the house. Once the terracing is done and I've got veggies growing, it'll be easy to add daily pickings and garden tending to that same circuit.

  4. You've asked for input, here it is; I am so glad you are talking about the layout of your farm and designing things that make sense. I've been to many farms that started in one format and evolved several times to meet both changing conditions and more efficient ways of doing things. On others, things stayed inefficient and not well thought out because it was too much work to change it all. Sometimes it isn't realized until you try it. Surely you can relate to seeing both of these types. My point is this, I've searched all over to find farm layout designs which reflect all of the lessons farmers have learned throughout history, so I don't have to learn all these lessons the hard way. People used to farm in order to live, these lessons have been hard-won, -but where are they recorded? -The garden and orchard are good examples. I too would like to incorporate key line design to make the most of my water, and hold it on the land.

  5. Love your videos, -I subscribed. Good content and done with a sense of humor. Gotta say with finances in this video and pointing out all your tools, you're now talking about what has really on mind in all of your videos. These things aren't cheap, and require a decent income to procure, and as you mentioned it has all taken a lot of sweat equity.

  6. I am studding everything on bees before I get some next spring I was going to start this year but I wanted to learn more before I dive in. Going to get involved in the local bee keepers club, were in Ga about 30 south of the air port.

  7. I don't have bees yet. I hear a lot of Youtubers who lose hives say they don't know wh they died. I wish the answers were easier as I'm trying to learn about this before I jump. There has to be ways to get answers. Do you have any suggestions of where to start? Anyone have suggestions?

  8. You guys are rockin n rollin especially considering you are new to farming. Seems like more people leaving the city life and migrating to the country hopefully i will be making the switch in the near future.