Well guys and gals….I’ve had it with these trespassing douche bags! Trespassers continue to bombard my land and poach wildlife without permission. I’m sick of it!! Today we release our young…


  1. I would never want to go before a Judge and jury,and Explain my use of deadly force,against some one Fishing on my Property.And after the Civil case you will lose,You won,t have that land to worry about anyways.

  2. U fuss bout tresspassers so much but i seen 1 of ur videos about wasteing deer meat which i agree is bad but in that video u crossed property line i am pretty sure u said u didnt know who owned it so know permission wasnt u tresspassing then dont get me wrong i dont like tresspassers either but dont constantly rant bout somethin if u gonna do it

  3. Trail Cams and trip wire alarms/smelly bombs, etc work for unwanted visitors, maybe security cams if you can get them in that far away from the house. Got to protect those cute ducks!

  4. You're an idiot. Nobody owns land. You are a temporary resident for your short lifetime, and if you pay your taxes on time. You think you would kill people for walking on your land? Modern Psychiatrist have treatments that can help you. Seek them out.

  5. I understand your frustration SRF.
    You might need some rock salt in shotgun shells to help them understand the message.

    When my ex and I bought land out in the county, one of our neighbors thought he (and all of his buddies) had the right to use our driveway at all hours of the day and night to get to his property. Stupid think is – his parents lived on the other side of his place, but No-o-o, he didn't tear up their driveway and yard to get to his place.
    I finally had enough, so while ex was out on construction site, I pulled my car across our driveway and waited. 10 minutes later I heard them coming, 3 cars tearing down the road, and when they turned to come up our drive what did they see?

    Me – sitting on the hood of my truck with a rifle pointed at them.
    Ain't nothing scarier to men than a woman with a gun.

    Four men came at me and iI told them I'd introduce them to God if they came one step closer. They called me all kinds of filthy names and left. The next weekend we had to reinforce the message, Me with my rifle and the ex with his shotgun. Told him if he put so much as a foot over the property line Id blow his toes CLEAN off.
    Turned out that these guys were a drug and pedophile ring and got busted by a GBI and sheriff task force the next year.

    They put in a driveway next door and never set foot on the property in over a decade.