STARTING A MARKET GARDEN PT2 : Starting Seed Trays – Seeding Lettuce & Kale in Flats On a Budget —————-CLICK SHOW MORE for More Info …


  1. I love starting seed trays, my favorite activity in the spring. If you guys are starting market gardening, you might look into doing microgreens. We sell to restaurants and helps with expenses like feed. Tons of vids on youtube on the subject.

  2. Was getting worried about you. Happy that you are all feeling better! The growing season is coming to end up here high in the WV mountains above 3000' in elevation. My wife starts her seeds in February in our sunroom, and keeps them under fluorescent lights until it warms up enough here to move to her greenhouse. One of our plans is to get heat in the greenhouse sometime in the future. She uses trays like you have but also gets coir pellets. Just drop them in the trays and add water. They expand and then she drops in the seeds. These make it a little easier to transplant to larger pots when the plants get big enough. Good luck! Look forward to seeing the progress.

  3. Hi Jason, glad to see you back, hope you all are feeling better. I couldn't help but notice the Johnny's logo on your soil mix. Maybe you'll develop the Maine accent as well! Congratulations on surpassing 5000 subscribers and best of luck with your new venture in market gardening!