Links (Check your local garden center first): Wood Pot – Tulips – Check your local garden center. Graceful Grasses® Toffee Twist …


  1. I have been stuck on succulents for the past few years,  I feel like I have been reborn when I watch your videos!  All those flowers and beautiful colors!  I've put together a number of flower planters over the past few weeks.  They are so beautiful.  Thank you for re-inspiring me.

  2. Pretty, as always.💕 Thank you for including pricing information. It's especially helpful when thinking of trying to duplicate the look. Please consider including consumer pricing even when you use flowers from your shop. I know prices vary by location but an average cost would still be helpful and much appreciated.😬

  3. Could you store the tulips in the black liner pot and just swap out the entire insert for a summer display? I was thinking if I stored it correctly I could just replant around the tulips again next spring?? I have a courtyard garden and not very much landscape to transfer the bulbs to. I love gardening in pots but haven't used bulbs before. Thank you xx