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  1. If shes a corn feed Hillbilly girl I'm moving back to the country and get my Hillbilly on.
    Camp Scillacone more hooter shots this great camp stove but not a back pack you can dig 2 holes ajoined and you to can have a DaKota stove Indian style way less smoke more hidden camping. good on a windy day

  2. Very cool little set up. I'm fixin' to see if I can weld one similar to that. Better yet, does your friend who made it sell them? Ide be more then interested to buy one. And yes, Farm Girl lured me in. Very beautiful you are. Farm Boy you're a very lucky man. I appreciate and respect you're guys' way of life. Keep on keepin' on!! Cheers!!!

  3. This youtube channel is so hilarious……because every single one is not at all about ANYTHING in the headline……like this stupid stove.

    It's about "Farm Girl" and her rockin body.

    This guy is hilarious……