I love Adeniums for their interesting forms & beautiful flowers & have been growing 1 on my patio. This is all about repotting my Adenium obesum, aka Desert Rose, into a low, wide bowl. See…


  1. hi nell,just found you on youtube,love your videos,i have a small collection of cacti myself but nothing on your scale,your presenting is great,so much fun you seem to have,best wishes from north east england

  2. Hello Nell , in Connecticut, just got me one in September n all the leaves fell sadly enough . But I recently went to water it n I saw leaves coming back can’t wait till the spring so I can put it outside .

  3. I enjoyed this video. I have quite a few that I have grown from seed plus a couple of larger plants that I purchased. One of my seedlings bloomed for me this last summer and am hoping to get more to bloom this summer. I would appreciate a video on their care. Have a great day!

  4. How old is your plant? I have 2 grown from seed, now about 4 inches tall and 6 years later. I do live in zone 5 so they go dormant in the winter but when put outside in the spring they thrive in the full sun. Thanks ,and I checked out that $4,000 one, what a beauty. I would be sick spending that kind of money and it died ;(