For originals, see: Symbolism of BHO Presidential Portrait, & Clinton with Kim Jong Il on Flowers, MSM CIA connections, Slaves, Sheep, Children and our choice…


  1. This may further your understanding of the image in question in relevance to Q's riddle. sitting on the flower "deflowers" or in this case, corrupts-dominates-cages it. Flowers are feminine. So a realistic conclusion is the women of this nation, their children and natural ancient bloodlines are being stamped out by the seed of the persons sitting in the chairs while promoting growth of their "own flowers-family-children" in that(political) process. Sorry for all the metaphors. I think you get it. They enjoy garden-wars in their symbolism. *

  2. Trump now has access to all the secret files! He will expose the false-flags of 9/11, Sandy Hook, Las Vegas massacre, and yes, Pearl Harbor too. FDR will be exposed as a fascist who wanted America to enter the war with Europe during WW2. They, the globalist elite, have foreknowledge of the Pearl Harbor attacks and did many things to spark Japan into doing so. The corruption dates back all the way to the founding of the Federal Reserve by Woodrow Wilson! They can't hide the truth forever!

  3. I don’t know about this anymore.I can’ t understand why nobody has been arrested and paraded around on t.v yet .I think this is turning into a big joke. People need to start raising hell.I think if nobody goes down after all this your country Is screwed and trump is a chump.Sorry to say.

  4. This is why most people are not aware but in most states your parents can marry you off as a minor without your concent.
    These laws were put in place to protect these filthy rich pedophiles. They get any attention, they pay off the family or threaten them and marry the child in question.

  5. mike /novue. . how do you want to remember . everyone has an opportunity to either throw their life away and ignore evil or do some good and help somebody out of torment and suffering .

  6. Your analysis of current events is uplifting and inspiring… We the People sure need heavy doses of "HOPE"…which you are helping to provide… your analytical mind is AWESOME!!! Keep yourself healthy and well…God bless you and your family… You are a true PATRIOT…

  7. Epic…"…the rest of us are on the same page…" Spending time keeping up w/Q & the Q research board & listening to videos for others thoughts equals a whole lot of time. Even if it turns out that Q is fake, I'll have your statement in memory as a reminder.👍Much thanks to you!😊

  8. The Obama portrait gives him extra large hands, smaller head, and legs shorter than the wooden chair? Crazy awful. The flowery bush looks ominous as a strangle hold. Anyone see these details?

  9. When he's quoting from his notes at about 10 minute mark, "controlling the crops, controls the people, controls the sheep." I'm thinking about a part of Agenda 21, as it involves the control of food production & distribution in this country. Besides the ramifications on what that means to the mainstream population here, it also seems to indicate that Obama's portrait is including the message that he's still on the plantation because he still wants to "eat" from the Master's table. I think Obama's asking "them" to not use him as a fall-guy as the World Cabal starts to crumble at its very base. Trump's Exec Order to seize assets of criminals is a strike where it hits them hardest…Their wallets…And it concerns Obama as much as it should concern the Cabal.