Spring 2017. I had a little tour on my balcony and I could see all the first signs of Spring 😉 a cute gecko was enjoying the warm sun, a little butterfly was flying …


  1. Oh what a beautiful Spring garden Marzia… Just so lovely.. Thanks for this close up tour on your balcony.. No sign of blooming in my plants, I'm afraid most of the buds were destroyed by the prolonged frozen months!! The poor hummingbirds visited me several times and have to turn back with empty stomach…. Oh you didn't see me waving at you that day.. I was in that helicopter enjoying your flowers haha.. Hugs & Love 🙂

  2. Very pretty Marzia ……. while you have spring sunshine, we in South England had heavy showers of hail today and cold winds with it …….. I didn't like that wasp …… I am allergic to the venom in their sting ….big hug from Terry XXX