My small fruit and veg crops.


  1. Ever considered going out to your bug out location and planting some spuds, parsnips, beetroot, spinach and whatnot – for just in case? I know it all depends on what you are willing to do on what could be private land, but when SHTF you may have a back up food source. Obviously don't take the piss – just use a small area. Supposedly when you plant you crops, if you add some freshly cut human hair it will keep the beasties away for up to something like 6 months, depending on weather conditions.
    Maybe, if you have enough cover, set up a little fencing to grow some blackberries closer to where you are set up?

  2. Really enjoying your videos and approach after recently discovering your channel. When we buy our own place in the next 6-12 months hopefully I'm hoping to make something similar! You should do a video on fitness for preppers as you mentioned 🙂