Progress of my garden crops through the year 2016. This video covers 8 months of growth for my tomatos, cucumbers, peppers, beans and various other fruit and veg.


  1. Brilliant show of mixed fruit and veg. I did try cucumbers this year, but I planted too late, so I didn't get anything bigger than gherkins off them. I built a polytunnel a couple of years ago. but the high winds of November destroyed it completely. My green fingers turned brown, aaarrrgh!

  2. I love this side of prepping I have an allotment.🐝 and grow all sorts and freeze to last me the year or as far in to the year as possible. it's good to see someone else doing it. did you save any seeds.

  3. Try to find some food grade Diatomaceous Earth to put on your plants. I'm not real sure about how it works for slugs/snails but I know it's great for things like aphids and cutworms. It's also great for intestinal parasites in people. Actually really good for you and is a safe and natural way to keep pests from your garden without worry of poisoning the critters that eat the pests.