We are still trying to find ways to expand the available growing space in our backyard.


  1. You and Am have come with a great idea! The shade should be great for your lettuce, I just hope the squirrels leave it alone. They are so cute but oh so pesky lol.👍

  2. Good luck with the new projects Lea and Al! I am looking forward to seeing the next video where you have the compost files moved as well as the AzaLEAs. Looks like sound planning and a wise move! I am afraid to see what you all could do with a couple of acres!!!!

  3. I like your plans 😊👍 I'm enjoying listening to peoples plans for 2018. Those squirrels can be a pain. They dug up some of my potatoes last year out of the 10inch pots. Just a nip then moved onto the next one …. grrrrr. Great idea to bribe them lol. Thanks for sharing 😊👍