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  1. Could be baby fever. Very common to get when children reach the toddlers/preschool age. Sadly the baby stage is the shortest only about 13 months. You blink and their toddlers, elementary then in HS. Some people fail to see is many people always want a baby but never kinda ask for a kindergartener or teenager!

  2. I bet as soon as they get rid if their baby items shes gonna get pregnant au natural ☺😁lol…seriously though i know they had to go through a lot to conceive so for them its tuff letting go.

  3. I don't have 4 kids but I totally get what they are going through because our youngest was born with a disability and we don't want to risk it happening again so we aren't having more. I totally struggle with knowing I won't have a baby again.

  4. I've never known a more selfish, self-serving family.  They still are soliciting gifts by keeping their P.O. box open three years on, and they keep hinting at what they need.  They are riding the gravy train all the way to Hatersville.  Those poor girls don't stand a chance with two lazy, uneducated, fat parents who feed their kids shit on the daily.

  5. That's the problem with airing your personal life on TV. Little moments and memories that you have are completely tarnished by viewers who have no clue about your life or feelings. With my parents this kinda stuff isn't really of sentiment to them, any available chance they gave our baby shit away to charity. But Its completely uneccesary to diminish the feelings this couple are sharing between themselves.

  6. I couldn't begin to imagine how they feel. They have 4 kids but it was all at once so the whole baby stage went by so quickly for them. Little things remind them of it and so I totally see how it's hard for them to let go. Love this family ❤️

  7. I had that with my kids. Parting with their newborn stuff is hard. I think for alot of people the journey they had to go through to have a baby makes it harder to part with things. Whether its infertility, lack of family support, lack of spousal support, finacial stuff..etc.