My Wildest Adventure Yet! Join My Message in a Bottle Mission! My Antique Bottles Tossed in the Sea! …


  1. My Wildest Adventure Yet! Join My Message in a Bottle Mission! My Antique Bottles Tossed in the Sea! If interested in Participating in this exciting adventure, please feel free to send me a donation of no more than $5 and this donation will help fund my trip to the South Coast of Western Australia, and the Northern Regions of Western Australia.

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  2. Ever the industrious Billy . Thought I spied a flower bud or two on you mammilarria Spinosissima . Looks a bit more green and plump then when you first got it , what you think ?

    I have looked at your double plant at the beginning . But for the life of me I can't make my mind up what it is ? Agave , Yucca . All I know is it's a good plant . And hopefully the one that you rescued from the dump will take , and be just as good as the plant you've have for some years .

    And that realy is an amazing amount of Apricot's . You have so many ! Even with the parrot and Earwig damage , your bound to have umpteen amounts good and ripe, and in clean condition . Soon you will be Jammin , making pies or even flans .

    Only one reservation Billy . That wooden trough you stamped all them branches into lol . I think they will be a bit too chunky to rot down , the leafage maybe . But possibly not the branches . However i'm sure the native fauna will love it in there 😀

    Keep up the good work Billy !

  3. Amazing Mother Nature – Australian Hornet – Wasp Entombed inside its Mud Catacomb

    Amazing Yellow Wasp Hornet Grubs – Beautiful Mother Nature of Southern West Australia

    Saving Three Baby Wasp – Hornet Larvae Grubs – Clay Cocoon Nest Rebuild

    I would say that this Wasp has laid its Lacae Eggs and then buried itself inside the mud coocoon, then the Lavae will feed off the Mother or Father Wasp as they develop into new Wasps or Hornets … pretty amazing hey!

    In Australia, the term ‘hornet’ is often applied to any large wasp, particularly if it should be black and orange. However, this use of the term is incorrect as true hornets do not occur in Australia. Most often, the insects referred to as hornets in Australia are large mudnest wasps of the genus Abispa (pictured below). Mudnest wasps are very different in habits from true hornets… see more here:

    Hornets and Wasps of Western Australia

    Australian hornet – Wikipedia

    Insect – Australian Wasps – OzAnimals – Australian Wasps. Photos and facts about the Wasps of Australia.