The time stamps for this video are here: Intro: 0:00 Unboxing: 2:39 Preparation: 3:19 Decorating: 5:56 Finished house: 28:07 If you’d like to make a Paypal donation to help me buy supplies…


  1. Hi guys! I know what some of you are probably thinking (Not another cookie house video…) But let me explain.  I was not prepared for a holiday video when my neighbor, who knows I make craft videos, asked me if I'd decorate this gingerbread house for her.  So I agreed. I was not satisfied with last year's gingerbread house video. The lighting was bad, the camera angles  were bad, etc. Anyway, there are so many different gingerbread houses to choose from, they might just become a yearly thing. Don't worry, my next video might be something basic like a gift haul with gift wrapping (I hope my friends don't watch it) or perhaps an ornament haul and decorating my mini tree (I have to see what I have in storage, since I have been too lazy to decorate for the last 10 years :D).  In any case, I hope some of you will enjoy this video and not think it too repetitive. Time stamps are in the video description. Happy holidays!  xoxo

  2. Gurl..ur WAY TOO hard on yourself. These things r not a science. The box pics r So misleading, they r done by professionals. My kids & I do this shit every year, & u took more care & time than We’ve Ever done!🤣. Certain your neighbor is Thrilled with the result & your massive effort. You are awesome 😎!!! ❤️👍

  3. get a 15$ fake tree from dollar general and stock up on ornaments there or you could even make them then when its time to put away just put it away in a vacuum cleaner box or something I got a box free from foodmart because i bought the last pumpkin so there is really no excuse not to have a tree because "its a hassle" its only a hassle if you bite off more then you can chew but a little artificial tree is allot of fun

  4. This just in, SassE😂 I deleted my previous comment because I have updated, and better news.
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  5. I think you did a wonderful job on this gingerbread house! I dare say most of us watching wouldn't have done as good lol. Since you don't put up a tree, I have a suggestion. Why not decorate a wreath for your door? If you buy a fresh one you can just toss it in the bin when Christmas is over. If you buy a plastic one, you can keep it and hang it out next year. Merry Christmas from our home to yours!