In this video, Liquid Jade talks about light penetration on cannabis plants – defoliation Video Submitted By: …


  1. Even though this video is old, you mentioned the end of week 3 was the last defolage.Β  My question is,Β does the last defolage come at the end of the flowering stretch?Β  Because in another video I thought you recommend never defoliate once we hit 12/12, but here it appears to be a major defolage at the end of the stretch, which makes sense.

  2. Hey guys, did you know he's doing week 5! Incase you missed it. Skunks labs around week 5. Oh by the way did u know week 5 seems to be important for Skunk labs. Learned soooo much from the vid. Hard nugs at week 5 cause it's week 5 on the Skunk labs chart. Cause if I do the same as you..,,use Skunk lab nutrient and defoliation (not shown). Oh by the way, week 5 week 5 week 5 arrrgggggghhhhh I can't make it all the way. Best of luck liquid Jay. See ya.

  3. Hey jade I've been growing outdoor
    Sense about 1971
    Now this is my first indoor 4×4 1200 mars
    And there kicking ass
    Till I flipped to Flower it's been
    2 weeks nothing no white hairs
    They are female seeds anyone
    Have any answers🌱 oh before
    I forget your grinder works great