The Permaculture Food Forest has made huge strides the last 5 years. Every investment has been worth it and using natural farming techniques learned from …


  1. Great job done! People don't think you can grow much in small spaces but are they ever so wrong! We pulled 809 lbs of tomatoes from our small 50×30 garden not counting all the great veggies! Love how you changed over your yard into a mass garden. Keep up the great work!

  2. During times like this after hurricanes and natural disasters, people often get taken advantage of with their assets and land, especially farmers who are the foundation of any country's economy. I have started a GoFundMe mainly for farmers in need in the Caribbean who are often targeted and "gifted" seeds that are unknowingly GMO to plant so that they will be in-debt to the big corporation to whom the GMO seeds are patented. The link to support if you find it in your heart to give is in the description box of my latest video titled (GMO vs. Organic How GMOs affect Biodiversity). Any amount is greatly appreciated and the donations given will benefit so many more lives than the farmers they go to because it is the farmers that work in acres not hours that secure our food futureπŸ–€

  3. This is awesome! Would love to see a series of shots of your harvest, week to week, from the time normal harvest starts to when you're done at the end of fall. (Of course I know some is harvested pretty early in summer. But just wondering how much work it is to get it all collected at prime harvest time!)

  4. Your harvest videos never get old, your place changes its look daily, Always blown away! You inspire me to really do this. Dream of mine since I been a kid in my dads small orchard, to do in all edible landscape.

  5. I could never get weary of watching your creations, harvest and magicks! I love hanging out with you. Inspired to begin my own food forest. You make it possible for us to dream and created. Truely blessed that you are in my life my friend..

  6. James,enjoy seeing the fruits of your labor,amazing harvests.I use small tomato cages for my peppers and my bush beans @ 18 in. apart, push them all the way into the ground, keeps them upright and off the soil. Keep sharing. From DennyWorld.