In this 2 part video, I capture the best sunset I have ever seen. Complimented by a mountain view to die for… WOW! Lake District National Park. Landscape Photography over 5 Days. In this…


  1. Guess what guy's, muppetry strikes again on my behalf…
    At the beginning of the video when I said I was at Derwent Water I wasn't. I was actually at a lake I have never heard of. It was Thirlmere Lake. DOH!
    David Roby and Simon Turnbull both said I was a muppet 🙂 OK so they didn't put it so politely but I got the message 🙂
    I had to Google "Thirlmere Lake" as I've never heard of it before. I dropped the little man onto the map and went around the damn lake virtually. It was there like they said pffff
    This is my apology, I have to admit muppetry lol. Thanks for pointing it out guys. I've honestly never heard of it before. When you drive aimlessly around it's sometimes difficult to know when you go from one lake to another. That's my excuse lol Thank you. There you go, I wasn't trying to keep the location secret, I'm just being stupid! AGAIN!

  2. Well done Gary. Very enjoyable vlog. It looked colder than a well-digger’s ass down by the lake and that stream. Drone work was special. I’d have to agree with you about wanting to keep going back to that area as there looked to be all sorts of promising comps available.

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  4. As always Gary i great stuff. How much for you to tell use where your first location was? I am going to Iceland next week, so this has very much got me in the mood! Cheers Gary

  5. Again a very nice vlog to watch Gary. What an amazing scenery to look at. I can imagine you had a great time spending their. I liked all of your pictures and the one with the trees covered with moss, splendid.

  6. Good video, yes that was a gem of a location. But my "wow" moment of this vlog was the mossy tree. I was expecting some very busy, green mossy composition, but you nailed it with that bridge and waterfall focal point. Top drawer that, Gary! It might not float your boat, but i think it was stellar! Nice shooting yet again.

  7. Wow!!!! some great inspiration there, I wanted to jump in the car and drive straight there, daft thing was it was 9pm at night lol The photographs you made were truly great, and that green tree well 10/10, well done once again, and thanks for making these vlogs to inspire and to get us all off our backsides and get out there.

  8. Gary, those pictures are stunning, I really love what you do for the final image, Is there any chance you can list what filters you use as well. I see your F-stop, length and ISO but I don't know what filters you use. Keep up the good work

  9. Some great images as usual Gary, I was at the same jetty at
    the beginning of January and the sun was out, the sky was blue with lovely clouds
    and I had to take my coat off, but that’s the Lake District for you and it
    wouldn`t be so good to visit if it was any different I`m sure you will agree.
    I know you like to recommend fellow vloggers so can I do the
    same to you. Adam Gibbs, you may have seen his work but if not take a look, I`m
    sure it will be right up your street.
    Keep up the good work.

  10. What can be better than following my fav photographer Thomas Heaton's latest video, than one of Gary's!!
    I was up Scafell and Lingmell last weekend, talk about breathtaking landscapes & photography opportunities. I love Gary's passion for the Lake district and it's scenery, I have it too!!!! Cheers Gary.

  11. Beautiful images Gary, you guys “up north”are really blessed with stunning landscape photo opportunities.
    I have to say that my fav was the moss covered trees but I agree with Phil below, better without the sky, but who am I to judge!
    Fabulous work and I and I am sure everyone watching these vlogs really appreciates the hard work you guys put in to educate and entertain.