2. The first plot visit to the second allotment and chat about the plans for the year ahead. #stormeleanor Plot plans https://diaryofaukgardener.squarespace.com/gardening-blog/2018/1/3/growing-pla…


  1. Now that you have 2 plots to film from Sean, it will may get a bit confusing as to which plot you are referring to. How about christening them with names???? e.g  "Rusty Allotment"  &  "Railway Garden".   I am sure other viewers would have suitable names that they could add below…….

  2. man o man it is January 2018 as I write this and my garden is covered with remnant of blizzard Grayson's 8 inches of snow and I am itching to get outside and garden after watching this.

  3. Planes,Trains and Auto-chockes

    Looks like a great plot hopefully you can do a good job and get a good return on your efforts.

    You never know you could always take up trian spotting if things get a bit on the quite side .

    looking forward to seeing how you get on.

    regards David

  4. Personally I'd be boring and say stick to plot 1 & 2 or new and old/original. The plots won't look that similar from what you've said.Or at least wait till you've seen the new cat to make sure it doesn't look like Rusty…

  5. i'm really looking forward to this new adventure into a new plot !! just like i was with the digging for victory plot before the buggers made it very plane you was not welcome !! i like muddybootz idea of the two plot names

  6. Brilliant video, really liked it when you did the how to start an allotment video, it will be nice to see the progress of plot 2 – great plan the plot looks a really good size, I would get the site allotment person to mark out where the paths are meant to go to help, so not to have any issues – thanks for the video, your plot is just right as in the old days allotment sites were put next to railway lines Do you still have the black plastic from the other plot you could use?

  7. So glad that you are taking us along on your new adventure. Though, I must say, I will miss Rusty once you move to the "railway" plot permanently. But, I am sure, there will be another cat that will adopt you and your plot as you are such a great cat person, they'll find you. Happy New Year! Catherine

  8. I like the intro. The plan looks good too. Here's a good piece of advice I came across the other day. "You have to learn a pace that's fast enough to win, but slow enough to finish." Isn't it wonderful that your followers are so invested, that they want to name your plots. YAY!