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  1. Hi from France……yes the US Government(neo cons jewish people)is behind the attacks But Not Saudia Arabia… ISRAEL (MOSSAD) is behind 9/11 with his best speciality THE FALSE FLAG ! lot of Mossad agents specializing in Explosives arrested in US before and after the 9/11 attacks… and lot of connections with Israel…. It's the biggest manipulation of all the time since Pearl HARBOUR, JFK…

  2. I think the annual celebrations of 9/11 have gone on long enough. Other countries get attacked daily, usually by us, and lose people in the hundreds of thousands without whipping out their crying rags to celebrate each attack every year. I'm pretty sure we'll remember 9/11 without all that pomp and circumstance.

  3. JJ I love your joints! fattys. Great Vader shirt too! I won't forget 9/11 I woke up that morning and first thing I did was turn on the TV. What I saw I will never forget the second plane hitting the tower… I honestly didn't know wtf was happening. I live in vermont not that far from NYC.

  4. JJ I love how you do the live and we can we watch it over again I didn't hear the shout out that you said to me thanks very much for the shout out you are my most loyal we need to buy that I watch it's amazing that people like Ashley have 80,000 subscribers and you still only have 31 and I met Ashley on your channel I just somehow don't know how people are that crazy I mean don't get me wrong Ashley is the best and I love her to death I'm the one that brought up the hemp light her and she got it but damn 80,000 subscribers you should have a lot more than 80,000 subscribers anyway stay up and stay very healthy my friend love you JJ

  5. Hey bud…You are in such beautiful environments. I'd love to see you upload your videos in 1080P or even 4K in these new cameras. Not as expensive as one might think. Keep up the great work.
    A fan

  6. Terrorism is a total lie. Search youtube for- "911 classroom ritual to molech of ultimate sacrifice' … and see what the children in that classroom were chanting that 911 morning , that the illuminati media kept hidden from you. They were chanting- HIT, STEEL, PLANE, MUST .. as the planes hit the steel buildings.. After you're done with that, search youtube for- "US Currency False Flag Events Confirmed", and you will see that all these fake terrorists events conducted by the CIA are printed on your fake american money Years before the events happen.. You total sheep slave stupid Zombie.

  7. RIP to all the people who lost their lives that day.. . But I feel like there is still a big majority of people who don't know about Operation Northwoods and how 9/11 might be a modern day variation of the events.
    In a nutshell, Operation Northwoods was a false flag operation devised by the Department of Defense and Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1962. Basically, the CIA and/or other US government operatives would commit acts of terrorism and conduct attacks on US soil, blame it on Cuba and then use it to get public support and justification to go to war against Cuba. Bombings, hijackings, assassinations, and acts of terror in US cities were some of the proposed methods. Even going as far as using MiG jets – painted in Cuban colors and markings – to conduct some of these attacks. Fidel Castro and his communist regime had taken up power around this time and we were hellbent on snuffing out communism anywhere it popped up. JCOS and DoD wanted to provoke war with Cuba BAD. They just needed justification to do it. Operation Northwoods wasn't the only plan they had. They came up with other plans as well.
    Ultimately, President Kennedy rejected the Operation Northwoods proposal and removed the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1963. There was a rift between Kennedy and the US military leaders after this because they thought he was going soft on Cuba.
    We all know what happened to Kennedy later that year. This is one of the reasons why I believe Oswald didn't act alone, or possibly wasn't even the shooter in the first place.
    More-so, when you look at 9/11 and how that all played out, and then you look at Northwoods, it paints a bit of an interesting picture as well.
    takes tin foil hat off