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  1. I'm bit late to the party but i saw couple of your videos and liked them, but did not subscribe at that time. I've decided to fix that after watching Sargons interview with you, and bam "this channel is not availible in your country" beeing Poland. However i have no issues actually watching your videos, i can google them out, i see them on the list to the right etc. I'd think it's more YT initiative then my governments. This blows and i'm sorry about that.

  2. Poland is not blocking you! I have no proxy or anything just direct Internet access and I can watch you so what are you talking about?! I've just subscribed to see what is going on here.

  3. I can watch your videos, but I can't see your channel page. I'm in Germany, we have a very recent new law that demands 'hate speech' be deleted by the social networks it is published on. There is no clear legal definition what 'hate speech' is, but it is generally understood that it's something right-wing people do. Maybe if you do a few videos praising multiculturalism and migration, or on how to use this or that eyeliner, you'll be good.