Transitioning your indoor seedlings to outdoors before you plant them in the garden (called “hardening off”) will help them acclimate and make a successful transition. Follow these tips…


  1. Looking forward to growing our spring gardens together! Links to the supplies used in the spring garden series: 
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    6.  Peat pellets:
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    7.  Plant labels:
    8.  Heat mat: 
    9.  Grow light box:
    -8.5” Clamp Light:
    -CFL bulbs:
    -Grow light box – plastic storage tote:
    10.  Table top indoor grow light:
    11.  Timer:
    12.  Wall Saddle Planters:
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  2. Hi Kim, love your videos. I have a question, I am using a heat mat to start my seeds when should I stop using the heat mat ? I also have them under grow lights right now I just started with tomato seeds, so far. The temp. in my house is always about 70 degrees. they do not have their true set of leaves yet. please help. thank you

  3. I have seeds started indoors, but only because I have a sunroom that never goes below 8C. Sooooo hitching to get going, but it's another month before I can start things that will be transplanted out.

  4. Hi Kim! Great looking seedlings! One question though, When I start my beans and peas can I soak the seeds in water for a few hours before? or is it good to just plant them directly? Thank you! 🙂

  5. So glad your seed kits are selling well Kim! A few of the seeds I’ll be growing in my collection this year are marketmore cucumbers, jimmy nardello peppers, and yellow pear tomatoes based on your recommendations! 🙂

  6. Hi miss calikim. Iam hopeimg to try starting my tomatos this year myself but i really dont know when to get them going.. Here in Michigan the last frost is really hard to protected? Whats to best way to get an ideal?