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  1. While I was a stay at home mom, I always worked part time. I went through a time when I commuted 25 miles to work and dropped my son at his Sudbury school on my way to work, then had to pick him up (at least they stayed open until 5) on my way home. I was much more organized in those days. We always had one freezer food night. Pizza, spinach pies, eggrolls. I shopped at Trader Joe's and kept meals in the freezer. They are now 21 and 24 and are functioning adults. We did our share of eating out too. But we have to drive to get takeout, no pizza place delivers to our house.

  2. Love the Great Grandma story of prepared foods. My Grandmother made something called "Beefaroni" in the mid 60's. I once asked my mother if she had the recipe for the beefaroni. My mother told me it was just sauce from a can and she added hamburg and macaroni. Here I thought it was some intense concoction and the sauce was just from the can! The sauce was Franco American Spaghetti Sauce.

  3. I normally don't serve a lot of processed food at home, however when I am not feeling well that's when I will use more processed food. I figure once in a while the processed stuff won't kill you.

  4. I seriously love the fact that you give great everyday advice. I have doubted the way i have done certain it turns out i was right on track..yay! But still yet I still am learning so much! Thankyou so very much!

  5. I absolutely love the content on this channel and have even bought their cookbook. However, I wish Tawra had a better demeanor. It would make their videos so much more enjoyable to watch! 💕

  6. Tara, I wish you would stop talking to us like we're idiots. The eye rolling and head shaking is very condescending and unappreciated. And you are doing this to people that you want to "like" your video and buy your products. What is this…reverse marketing?

  7. Finally!!! Amen on the Crock-Pot. yuck food that comes from one is gross. Nothing can ever be crispy or condensed down. I use my Crock-Pot for chili and that is it. Jill was nice and said it was because people have tried stuff in their oven but it is really people don't know how to cook. Good cooks would never prefer a crock pot to stove top or oven cooking. thank you ladies!

  8. Just a quick thought: I know you don't want to spend money on the Instant Pot before you know that it works but…you will love it. So easy. We have a lot of chickens and I can hard boil 32 eggs in 6 minutes in one and they come out perfect! It does more as well. Look for one at the thrift stores. You won't be disappointed. Love your shows.

  9. Mondays are a great night for leftovers after you've cooked a lot over the weekend. Thurs nights we do quesadillas as they are super easy and fast – basically the same as grilled cheese, fancied up by using tortillas and salsa. Pasta is always the quickest & easiest.

  10. Cereal for dinner is my absolute FAVORITE! I will cook a full meal for husb and kids and still have cereal for myself. I like to mix cereals, so cheerios with something else like granola or corn flakes or wheatabix on top. with raisins and nuts, and banana, and frozen blueberries. It's the BEST ever!

  11. Thanks for these reminders. Last night my son had a soccer game and I was planning on just grabbing something to eat beast it would "be easier." Really, it's not. I sat down to watch this and got motivated to make a picnic to take with us. Thanks for the tough love. Love you guys!

  12. My grandma always had a sink full of hot water and soap. She washed as she went. We dropped our cleaned plates in after dinner and we washed dishes after we had tea ( our "dessert" after dinner).

  13. We hard boil a few extra eggs at breakfast time and slice them for our chef salads that evening. We eat soup and grill cheese or just cheese toast for dinner each week too! In the summer there are many sides with sliced veges-potato salad-macaroni salad-etc. Some nights we buy fresh corn on the cob and eat it with BLTs. If you make meatballs with your hamburger on the day you cook it you can make meatball subs and store for a few days if you have a busy schedule. Our family loves sloppy joes and you can make this up during the morning or afternoon if your evening is really busy and just reheat. My husband will grill extra chicken breasts and I will slice it the next day and make a summer salad with french bread slices. I make homemade chili for hamburgers and hot dogs for a little extra flavor for those nights. We eat breakfast one night a week and fry some potatoes as a side with bacon rewarmed from breakfast. I always cook extra of whatever I can for later that day or the next but use in various ways. God bless.