In this video we will see how to safely cycle an aquaponics setup without fish. I will also show you several tips to boost the bacteria biomass and decrease the …


  1. About the composting worms. I read that they are very beneficial to the system. When can they be introduced in the grow bed and how can I make shure they survive?
    Thank you!

  2. Hi Jonathan. Most of what you're saying in this video is clear to me. However, I'm still not sure when I should add the plants I want to grow in the media/grow beds after starting the cycling? Or do I add the plants as soon as I add the media? I will do as you say and not start with fish but only after measuring the 3 chemicals and seeing a good level of each one.

  3. Hi. I'm fishless cycling like you advised here. it's been about 1.5 weeks. ammonia is very slowly climbing (0.5 right now) but nitrite has stayed 0 since the beginning, while I'm seeing nitrate at about 5. What do you make of this? Is my nitrating bacteria established and cleaning up the nitrite as fat as it's produced or already? How long do you think I should wait before considering it in the clear to add fish? I added worm compost and some worms that came along for the ride. . .

  4. Hi Jonathon, Another way to decrease the cycling time is to sprinkle a handful of topsoil onto the grow beds. Nitrifying bacteria are present in organically loaded top soil. Rather than sprinkling on top of the grow bed you can place the top soil into a shade cloth bag and bury it in the grow bed. Then remove it when the system is fully cycled. I used food, topsoil, and yabbies to cycle my system and after 6 weeks added 100 rainbow trout yearlings with no problems. Topsoil was sprinkled on top of the grow beds and placed in shade cloth bags and yabby numbers were increased during the 6 week period. Thanks for the info. Jim