Grow celery the easy way by re growing organic celery you buy at the grocery store – indoors on your windowsill OR outside in your garden. Once you watch this …

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  1. I do the same except I set it in some water in a butter container and set it in the shade outside. I have one growing now and I will have another after we make our dressing for Thanksgiving.

  2. Hi Kim. Just wanted to let you know that I will be watching more of your videos pretty soon. I have just been extremely busy with remodeling while the weather is still good here. We had a dusting of snow the other day but it's in the 40s today and I am gonna get busy on vehicle repairs. Miss you guys. Love your show. By the way: I am STILL eating the tomatoes you helped me grow here on the channel! Awesome show. Will be back again soon.

  3. Kim I ask once before the measure for cattle panel, I like to put up arch trellis on my side of house garden for watermelon, I went shopping for cattle panel, the person have two type one were $ 100.00 one were $ 75.00 so I know that could not be right. I need your advice on this.

  4. I had a raised bed covered in leaves from sweet potato plants this past summer and it was super hot here in No. Ca. I stuck celery stump without rooting it out there under the leaves, It is still growing. Tell me this, does yours taste stronger than the store purchase? Mine about the same size as the stalk you were eating and it was such a strong celery taste! Good for soups and pots of beans but too strong for eating raw! Weird, huh? I have also stuck the stumps of romaine out in raised bed recently.

  5. The celery you were eating looked like a totally different thing than the stalks you buy in the store. Does it eventually form the same stalks? Or do you just eat the branches that taste like celery and are crunchy? And if it does form stalks, you can then cut off that bottom and re-plant? Rinse and repeat? Thanks.

  6. Perfect timing, we use celery for thanksgiving dinner so I'll try it this year since this Fall I decided to plant a few edibles for the first time. I've always had flower beds, just figured if I'm going to water is best if there were something I can eat. I have a few things, but this will be practically free since I'll have to buy it for cooking anyway. Thank youu!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Hi Kim and Thank You! I'm going to try this indoors. The pot size you used, will that be big enough to bring to harvest or will you have to transplant later to a bigger pot? Thank You!

  8. Great video! Definitely going to grow my own celery (organic) naturally.
    When I change the water every couple of days, I guess I need to put in the liquid fertilizer too, right?
    I live in northern New York. Saratoga Springs to be exact. The winters here are brutal. Can I keep the plant indoors to grow or when the spring comes, plant it outside?
    By the way, your hair looks great down like that. You're a beautiful woman that's for sure.

  9. Celery is very hard to start form seed. An excellent way to jump start the plant. Thank you for sharing. I appreciate it immensely. Hope your having an amazing day. ๐Ÿ™‚