Simplest Growing and Caring tips for Vanda Orchid which every one can follow and apply at their home. Hope viewers will be immensely benefited from this.


  1. Sir
    Very useful video. Watching your videos is a passion for me.Not even a single day passes without watching your videos. Whenever I buy a new plant i watch your video regarding that plant and strictly follow your instructions. You explain so well sir
    Thank you for sharing the informations

  2. Sir,
    I have just started having an interest in gardening. Your videos have helped me a lot.
    I want to know from where to get Adenium seeds on Kolkata.
    Thanking you in anticipation.

    p.s.: Awaiting a video from you on growing Saffron.

  3. 👋 Hi, Dr. surja, I am fond of Orchid name " Oncedium/ Dancing lady' I planted in Pebble, flowers are yellow with brown spot, I kept as House plant. One question, could you send these Vanda orchid from to 🇮🇳 India to my house in Canada 🇨🇦. One more "Seeds of Adenium' flower. If this is possible according to law of country. Thanks 🙏. Zz.

  4. Please give us some names of good nursery (if possible with phone number) from where we can get various types of ORCHID PLANT, ADENIUM plant…….. if possible please give us a Video On this matter….