A video about the basic aspects of keeping a venus flytrap alive. It pretty much needs: -A lot of sunlight, or a growlight indoors. -Soil free of nutrients or fertilizers.


  1. I just bought a Venus fly trap and I live in Florida. It doesn't really get very cold here in the winter, but it gets around 50-60 degrees in the winter. Is that enough for a dormancy period?

  2. This was really informative and I love your hair and I wish I'd seen this before we killed our last plant (RIP :c ). Found this looking for drosera videos but I think I feel up to trying to grow a Venus again too!

  3. your advice is bullshit I did the just keep them damp and the died along with the sunlight but they died before dormecey I had to go buy another 10 buck venus flytrap kept it in a bowl of water with peat moss and put them in my window and they are alive to this day I advise you go back to biology school.

  4. I got a question I accidentally damaged my Venus flytrap when I was trying to pull out some black leaves out of it is there a way I can repair it or wait till it grows back or what?

  5. there seems to be different opinions about whether to leave them in standing water. you have said no . I live in a hot dry 100° + weather everyday . So I should still not leave them in standing water even just a little bit??