Gardening can be rewarding, but often we forget how much more rewarding it would be if we could grow even a month or two longer. With the right types of …


  1. Have you used this method before? We used a 4mil drop cloth to solarize old potting soil and it ended up deteriorating in a month. Since drop cloths aren't UV resistant like greenhouse plastic they don't withstand constant UV rays. It was a mess and there were bits of plastic all over.

  2. You can also buy a clear shower curtain, which are quite thick. I can usually find them at the $1 Store. I also use them to cover the table when doing arts and crafts with the kids or as a drop cloth when painting!

  3. Hi Luke, I love your channel I've been watching for years and you advice is always pertinent to the small scale grower. However I am curious to know how long you think the cheap plastic will last, would they not degrade pretty quickly i.e. within a year? I understand it is a good solution to an immediate budget, but if the expensive UV treated greenhouse plastic lasts longer (at least 4x longer if its 4x the price) couldn't you argue its cheaper in the long run? You could even argue fewer cover replacements means less plastic used which would be kinder to the environment.

  4. Love your videos.. Can you do a video of the different types of plants that can remain dormant during winter season. As I live in Canada and we typically have a shorter gardening season. Beautiful family by the way.

  5. I use ECM because I find that plastic or PVC pipes don't weather well season after season and will eventually break/crack. I've never had to replace an ECM hoop yet (in 7+ years) and I've used them in NY and in MI. I agree with the drop cloths, but I will also put weights, like bricks, on the edges to keep the plastic from blowing around on the windy days and will open up the ends of the hoops on these upper 40 to 50+ degree days because it'll get up into the 80's in there even with 4 mil plastic when it's fairly warm and sunny.

  6. I just bought my 4mil 20×25 for my greenhouse sides and raised gardens. $25 and change. Thank you for the ironing tip. These plastics last a couple of years if they are stored out of the sun thru summer.

  7. This is my second year to use a hoop greenhouse in western Colorado. I went to Home Depot in the paint section and got a 10'x100' 6 mil extra heavy duty roll to cover 3 raised beds with hoops. I have lettuce, carrots, Kale, Swiss Chard, red beets, garlic and last year they wintered over just fine. I harvested some of the kale, swiss chard and carrots all winter but it was a mild winter. This year I've added red beets & lettuce so we'll see how it goes. I definitely had early harvests of Kale and Swiss Chard last Spring. It's great!!! Oh and the 6 mil at HD wasn't that expensive…I don't remember exact cost but if it was too much I wouldn't have bought it. Happy gardening!! Oh and I did put straw over things like a blanket 😊

  8. For free, this is the best way to heat your greenhouse. Get all the dead leaves possible, neighbors usually give them away its that easy to find. Pile them around your greenhouse thick, and make a wall of the brown leaves and compost by securing it in a wall shape using cheap chicken wire. With these thick walls of compost leaves around your greenhouse, it will give you an extra 50F boost inside the greenhouse. Yes, a 20F outside snowy day will be 70F inside your greenhouse with just dead and free leaves. Chicken wire is definitely under 50 bucks and the leaves are free.