With the weather starting to turn a little cooler, in this “How to” edition, our Horticulture teacher Denise Chavez explains how to choose the top 7 indoor plants for …


  1. How to water and how much water for a Dracena Marginata? I bought a very full beautiful 36" high plant. I give her 1/2 cup of spring water once a week . Every two weeks I mix a little liquid Miracle Grow in the water. She's kept indoors in partial shade next to a window but she's still shedding her lower leaves which I don't want to happen. I want her very full at the bottom like before. Some higher leaves are turning reddish to yellow color then dropping off and other leaves are drying up (grayish color) the first time I gave her Miracle Grow (maybe I didn't mix enough water the first, not sure.) What am I doing wrong. I want to keep her healthy with very full leaves. I just bought a water and ph plant meter. Please help!

  2. I need help, so when you said full sun or half sun, does that mean that we have to keep the windows open, or can we leave them closed but in front of a window? Is it considered full sun when we leave it in front of window where the sun is, but the window is closed or no?

  3. Can aloe vera plants help clean toxins and clean air in the room? My mom has bronchiectasis, and should avoid any dust even viruses airborne? Or are there any plants that you can recommend?

  4. I have a coca cola geranium (Torento) and a bunch of carnivourus plants. They can tolerate less light when the temperature is low. The reason is that cellular respiration, which increases with temperature, must be be balanced by photosynthesis. Or the plant will run out of energy and die.

  5. Very informative. I love plants. It's funny because generally if I am told it's an easy plant to grow I kill it and if it's difficult I do well with it. Over the years I have gotten better. Thank you for the video