We use homeopathy as alternative medicine for a self sufficient lifestyle. We explain what is homeopathy, how to use homeopathy, and why we feel it should be …


  1. One of the main problems is people are too clean, my mum used to let me roll in the mud all day long and apart from the usual measles I've never been ill, hardly had a cold in over 50 years. And the odd occasion I've had a cold it's been for a few hours, soon as I felt ill hot milk and sugar.

  2. If you feel better, you took the right remedy and the right dose. If you feel worse, you took the right remedy but the wrong dose. If you feel the same, you took the wrong remedy. Homeopathy sounds unfalsifiable because no outcome can ever show that homeopathy didn't work.

  3. Thank you. Thank you. A million times thank you! I started looking into homeopathy when I watched your video of using a remedy to calm your goat when you first got her.
    Here in Australia I found an awesome homeopathy supplier that sells on-line..

    Along with information on herbal remedies from Heidi from Rain Country YT channel I'm feeling so much better.
    Medicines were a huge hole in my preps. and I'm feeling really empowered now that I have all this information at
    my disposal.


  4. Homeopathy has been proven many times in strictly scientific (double blind) tests to be no better than placebo (blank medication without any agent in it). So it is a scam!

  5. Awesome video Jamie! I didn't realize there was such a broad range of Bioron products. I found their products at the grocery store and the selection is rather small. I'll have to check out some of the health food stores. I have been little by little looking for more homeopathic remedies and my go to when I start feeling a cold coming on is the Bioron cold remedy. It's amazing how well it works. I love the Arnica gel for aches and pains also. I wasn't aware of the Arnica Montana.Thanks for explaining how to use the resource books. That was really helpful. I'll be looking into getting those books to add to my library. You guys are doing an amazing job of putting up wonderfully informative videos. Thanks for taking the time to do them. I always watch for new vids from you guys. – All the best. ~ Theresa P.S. – Am I losing my mind or was there music playing in the background while you were talking??

  6. Wow…thanks Jamie! You are amazing at explaining things and I think this is going to be my go to video for explaining homeopathy. I have had Miranda Castro's book for 4 yrs and I have a 30C(100 remedies kit) and a 200C(50 remedies kit). They literally cost a few dollars per vial. Whenever I travel that book and those kits go with me. I dislike being somewhere and needing a remedy that isn't with me. Like you said it takes lots of saving for. When I watched one of your earlier videos about your health before that sounded alot like me. I am so thankful for homeopathy. Loved your video!!

  7. girl let me tell you life has changed here at our home since my introduction to colloidal silver. This stuff is amazing for most everything. I make my own with 9 volt batteries. I spoke with a woman at a doctors office, who when I mentioned Colloidal silver told me she used it for everything but that she paid like 54$ for like a pint bottle oh mercy there is no sense in paying that much for it, not that it isn't worth it but why when you can make it yourself. research it it is so worth it!! I was an RN for almost 20 yrs, but have become so disappointed in big parma and their evil agenda. great video very informative thnx for sharing.

  8. I just use garlic oil, oregano oil, and tea tree oil. Haven't been to the doctor since 2000. I started brushing my teeth with oregano oil and quit going to the dentist about 12 years ago. Medicine has taken over everyone's minds and lives.

  9. Good vid. You are well spoken and do a great job. I have never gotten into homeopathy but I never take any drug store stuff. No cold medicine, no allergy stuff. Very rarely aspirin for headache.

  10. Thank you so much for this video! Would you recommend any brands? Also the little kit what is it called? Love the new schedule and topics. My little family and I are on a mission to become more self-sustaininable, your tips and tricks help us so much! THANK YOU!

  11. An excellent and very valuable topic to share with your audience. As a CERT member (Community Emergency Response Team), we have been trained to understand that in certain types of 'emergencies', i.e. natural disasters, civil unrest, etc. healthcare of any kind, will in all probability not be available. Even for those that are absolutely committed to the use of allopathic medicine, a 'PLAN B' is always a good idea. Thank you for this educational and thought provoking video!