How to grow vegetables in pots in bags in buckets or in raised beds at home on your patio in your garden or backyard. At Home Grown Veg we like our recycling …


  1. I get so aggravated growing in the ground at my house & at my garden plot, then I see what you manage to grow in pots & I think I'm going to get some pots & save my sanity!

  2. (My apologies, I thought I posted my comments on this video but I erroneously posted it on one from a year ago. So I'm duplicating this comment): Hello to you and to Molly! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your scenery with us! I look forward to Spring when I can grow my potatoes and carrots in pots! I have two questions for you. 1) I'm from Washington State, USA, and I don't know what your "Water Buckets" are–are they the same as 10" Planter Pots or are they made of a different plastic? 2) When you use shopping bags in the buckets for growing potatoes, is there any risk of plastic leeching into the veggies? I have read to use food-grade containers if I'm only using the plastic buckets, but it seems to me that I could use any plastic bucket if I'm using the plastic shopping bags as liners. Your thoughts? (Obviously I would not use a bucket that contained strong chemicals.)

  3. Judi Wood here, you sound like the great teacher that you are concerning all things in the garden .Very professional and interesting. Glad that I have subscribed awhile back.

  4. Hi Jim Excuse my language but what the hell going on buddy… You are one of the most honest guy posting these gardening no messing gardening videos around…. I have watched so called professionals gardeners performing on national TV Jim they could take lessons from you my friend ( and they no names get vast sums of money paid to them Jim later i will talk to you privately if thats OK ? …. see ya buddy Edwin J Thompson ll ……….. Ed