The incredible untold true story of Katherine Johnson (Taraji P. Henson), Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia Spencer) & Mary Jackson (Janelle Monae)—brilliant …


  1. These woman were fools to be forced to walk to use a toilet and then come back and work for these demons with pride. I feel sorry for the black people in America and how they are still currently brainwashed by this movie and christianity which is the true destruction of black Americans.

  2. These woman could have used their brain power to help their own communities, but used it to make modern day Massa☻☹☻☹More secure in destroying us as a people using brown-sugar-$laves paid to do it. 👹

  3. Where can I go on U-Tube or anywhere else & watch this Movie without Paying having for a free trial ? I don't put my credit Card online can anyone tell me If i can watch this Movie for free? I don't just want to watch a Documment abt, It!

  4. @97 mins: "She's more than something. She's Everything." Perfect description of how Ms. Henson captured the essence of Katherine Goble; Class with Sass; with superb brains and a Great Ass! I hope that the real Katherine was just like how Ms. Henson played her, and gave those men a run for their money every hour that they were lucky enough to work with her.

  5. Love this movie. I love to see the guy that was a polish jew have so much faith in the engineer woman. Those people know what it's like to be opressed for centuries so they have the same empathy as well as women. I can tell it was hard for those white women. NOT LEFT PROPAGANDA, I know the difference just a great inspirational movie.

  6. It is such a shame that our country had done this to so many brilliant and incredible people.  People who had HONESTY, INTEGRITY, MORALS, PRIDE, AND SELFLESS SERVICE but most of PERSERVERANCE AND PERSISTENCE IN LOVE to gain what was due to them and others like them.  It is a shame and a disgrace of those people who fought so hard to put us in the right place as HUMANS INSTEAD OF RACES of those who call themselves "Black Lives Matter".  How is it that those who claim to be fighting for their rights VIOLATE the rights of others?  These so called "BLM" people don't even take in to consideration how many white people walked with Dr. King to right the wrongs done to people.  They don't even take into consideration how many white people fought for in the still of the night before Dr. King to make sure that the lives and freedoms of people were safe from harm.  No these so called "BLM" terrorists would rather play the victim and bite the hands that actually fight for truth with those who violate and disrespect the rights and freedoms of ALL PEOPLE.  They would rather walk around in ignorance and selfishness rather than take the time to see the world around them and the CHOICES that they made to put them there.It will be truly sad that on that last day these "BLM" people will be sent to the same place as the devil and his angels for FAILING to be truthful and obedient to God instead of themselves.To  Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan & Mary Jackson I salute you and I hope and pray that on that last day when those who have been faithful and righteous before God that I might walk with you on Heaven's streets and hear your stories in person.  God Bless and Be Blessed Ladies.

  7. I'm a white male born in 1953. I lived thru what you are watching. This snippit of history is accurate. the looks, styles, attitudes, bias, misinterpritation, prejadice, fear, shame, joy, on both sides it's all pretty much the way I remember it. We've made some progress, but not near enough. Not enough effort from either the white's or the People Of Color. This film has inspired me to try harder.

  8. Yes back then there was racism and sexism. But minorities still had brains and could speak perfect English. Today racism and sexism has to be manufactured or else the race hustlers would be out of a job.