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  1. H&N, so informative, especially the leaf formation tips. And the best ending on youtube: "Have a blessed day". I know it's coming at the end of every video, but it still sneaks up on me. Boom! You reap what you sow.

  2. I can send you some seed for an APPLE cucumber from New Zealand which is even nicer than the lemon Wow you grow 4 together?. They also grow well in a hanging pot, but remember like Zuchinni (summer squash) they are suseptable to mildew.

  3. I was starting to think we were going to have to sign them up for daycare.   In all seriousness, great video as always.   Our plants and pets do become our babies, don't they?   We put so much nurturing  into our plants, seeds to harvest, they become a part of us.   That is why we save the seeds and regrow them next year.   God bless You, Ms. Nancy and little Bing Bing.  Have a wonderful Independence Day.  Why don't we call it that anymore?

  4. Awesome!
    No problems with birds or rabbits there? I like to know bc I've seen you protect some of them with cages or noisy gadgets while others, like the cucumbers, do not seem to need protection. Thank u guys! 😇

  5. We just recently bought some of these seeds and planted 3 of them, just to see how they would do.  A couple of nights ago, they were transplanted into bigger containers and we are going to let them run along our front porch railing.  If we like them, then we will add them to the stable of cucumbers that we grow each season.Needless to say, Hollis, I was excited this morning when my YouTube notification came across and it said you all had a video on Lemon Cucumbers.  🙂  I just finished watching it and I can't wait to share our growths with you and Nancy and vice-versa.

  6. We've been growing lemon cucumbers for a few years now. Love them. I peel and slice them up then put them in a quart jar with equal parts water, sugar & white vinegar to cover. Chill overnight and enjoy the next day. We have his and her jars because I like to add some sliced sweet onions and minced garlic to mine for some extra zing. Great with salads or eating straight out of the jar. Can also mix in slices of your other cucumbers. I am going to try your idea of using the bamboo stakes to help start them toward the trellis next year. Thanks!

  7. We found your latest video, lemon cucumbers, who knew, my wife said you and Nancy, are always finding new things to try. We will be watching
    and praying for the little guys, thank you for sharing. Blessings!!!

  8. Hi Hollis – it is not  as cool as a cucumber here in the Texas Hill Country 😉 I've been meaning to try this variety.It's on my list for next Spring's garden.  Have a trellis set aside for them.  Are those organic seeds too? Looks like most of our summer garden is spent even with me using shade cloth.