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  1. My daddy always planted potatoes and I loved harvest time.. he would plow the rows and there was all those beauties … my favorite thing was to be barefooted and start digging with my bare hands to find them. The feel and smell of that fresh turned dirt was wonderful. You guys reminded me of those times digging with your bare hands. Thank you for showing us your harvest.

  2. I like your videos. Organic growing is supposed to be natural and sustainable so as much as I get the pathogen thing you mentioned I would grow in the ground. As simple as my statement I just made is I'm sure there is a very good reason you go thru making all that soil. Could you elaborate on that. Why you would not use compost dirt and not grow directly in the ground. Thanks and keep up the great videos Hollis

  3. I can't wait to harvest mine.Β  Thanks to your videos, I planted Kennebec White and Pontiac Reds.Β  This is my first time and I did them just like you said, only I didn't add the dirt as soon as you did.Β  I missed that part, but they have plenty of dirt now.Β  How do you store the potatoes after they have spent their drying time?

  4. good morning you guys this is Michelle from Hemet I have a question about my potatoes some of the leaves have black spots on them I know you mentioned this but I can't remember where I saw it should I dig up those potatoes should I cut off the green and leave them be will they be safe to eat thank you

  5. Wonderful videos. I'm planting several varieties myself this afternoon in 45 gallon barrels. Your instructions in the three videos are detailed and excellent. I love your enthusiasm. Thanks for making such good videos.

    Speaking for myself, that is a lot of work and expense you did for only 30 pounds of Kennebecs. Near me, 10 pounds of perfect premium Russets, medium sized are going for $2. So 30 pounds of those taters would cost less than one bag of media. But it sure is fun to do and I'm looking forward to it. The Amish near me do not grow their own potatoes, even with so much free labor they have (lotsa kids and the womenfolk), they buy them locally in 50 or 100 pound sacks cheap cheap.

  6. You may have answered this in another video. I have just started watching, so I don't know. My question is: what do you do with the dirt you use in the containers once you have made a harvest; do you add it to a compost pile or something? Newbie gardener here, lol.

  7. I have limited space at my house for gardening. Your bucket gardening video have really opened up opportunities for me to plant. Squash is one of my favorites and I am going to give it a try this year. Thanks for sharing . God bless

  8. Hello Sir, I'm from India n I just got addicted to your videos just for the way you educate us in a fabulous way.Totally loved it, I've decided to follow your steps in harvesting potatoes.
    I'm in your You Tube & FB page family now. Convey my wishes to Nancy too..