In this video I go over our fall winter vegetable garden & talk about composting. Updates on the kale, spinach, onions, collard greens, cilantro & lettuce the we …


  1. Nice fall garden Jason! Our evenings and mornings are in the 20s and days are in the 40s on the warm ones here in Maine. Growing season is done, so now it’s prepping the beds for next year. Lots of mulching with leaves and seaweed. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. For the lettuce..plant in rows about 8
    inches apart but sprinkle the seeds down the whole row. They will sprout and grow so close together to kill the weeds as you pull off lettuce leaves to eat. This really does work. When they get about half grown I pull a whole plant up to harvest every few plants. By the time the plants get full grown you have been eating them for days and not having to weed. Win win. Bet spinach would work this way too.

  3. When’s the best time to start breaking ground on a new garden? I’ve been working the one at Grandad‘s house but I’m gonna do one at my house this Spring so is it best to break the ground in the winter so all the weeds and grass dies.

  4. In NH we have had plenty of hard frosts, but right now we are above freezing, and it was unusually warm overnight in the 50's with rain. I have thrown a lot of goat manure and bad hay on most of the 50×14 foot garden last month. But we still have green kale. which has frozen hard more than once. This summer we had nice Silver Queen corn. Okay, the garden was like a Brazilian jungle with weeds 8 feet tall, which I fed to the goats over the summer.
    The tree company is removing two really gigantic pine trees in my neighbor's yard for the power company. Preparing for winter storms. They are parked in my driveway, and this tree is about a foot away from my power lines and has four trunks. The other one had four or five trunks. My neighbor's yard is full of huge logs .
    I have four gigantic pines in my yard that are horrible. I had one fall a month ago from my back yard into my neighbor's back yard and missed his new addition by a few feet. It was just half the tree. The other half is looking down at my garden. I will have to hire someone to take my trees down. Even though they have become dangerous, it is still sad to see such huge trees cut down.

  5. i so look forward to your vlogs , i have cabbage and beets but im wintering my ducks on my veggie garden its time for it to rest and get plenty of poop off the ducks im hoping they will work it a bit , xxx

  6. Man, I'm down to about 3 dozen broccoli and 3 dozen cabbage plants (garlic, asparagus overwintering) and cover crops on all the other beds. It sure feels good, but I'll get antsy again about the first of Feb! If you've got the time, try tarping those beds for a few weeks before you plant. Works wonders on the weed seed! You need any pea seed for next season? I've got some nice top pick purple hull and black eye seed I've been saving for about 4 years I'll share. Let me know….

  7. Jason, 42 in Tuscaloosa County. I planted walking onions too. Doing wonders. Looking forward to their spreading to the vacant areas of the raised bed. Have you thought about growing Sunchoaks? They are a perenial. For your followers who may Lack the resources to create a compost pile: every fall I find out the garbage pickup days and the day before drive through the upscale neighborhoods and gather bags and bags of leaves. Those rich folks use the heavy-duty bags that don't tear easily with rough handling?

  8. Your garden looks great. We didn’t plant this year because we are in the process of having a home built and moving to our new homestead. 10 acres here we come…..

  9. Hi Jason. You might check on that weed to see if it is edible. I let my lambsquarters grow because they are more nutritious than most cultivated plants. And I mixed them in salads and cooked them, and gave them to my goats. That way I was not sad about weeds. My downfall is that I also love every plant and I never pull up things to thin them.

  10. I got radishes that just came up and I'm waiting on some carrots and kale to come up… No idea how they'll do lol. Got one bed that I'm just keeping dormant, so I covered it with a layer of bedding from the brooder. I'd love to get some of those walkin' onions too. Your kale's looking great! Love how its controlling the weeds on its own.

    In terms of weather, its been hot here in WNC too. We did have a quick snow right before halloween that killed off a ton of stuff, but then it got hot again. We do have some cold headed this way this weekend… Gonna have to stay on top of frozen waterers.

  11. I hate pullin' up stuff, too. Hate it. And when I do, I talk to whatever I'm pullin' and say something like, "I'm sorry, but I have to do it. You're gonna help out by becoming mulch." As for the weather, it was 78 degrees here in Charleston, SC yesterday. The okra and bell peppers I planted in the summer are loving it. The fall stuff, not so much.

  12. Charles Dowding (No Dig Method) has a great video about thinning and how he plants. It doesn't work for all plants, but still an interesting outlook……I feel guilty too pulling healthy seedlings but now I carry a bucket with me, pull some thinnings and then say to them "I'm sorry…but help your fellow brethren out and make some really good compost!' And you know what? They say "OK!" Happy Gardening! :))

  13. I am with ya. I hate pulling stuff up too. Someday I would be so thrilled if I could get just a little bit of those walking onions and that asparagus from you. It just means so much more if it comes with a story. I am planting a food forest here for my grandkids. Not begging just maybe someday.

  14. Fall garden? Dude, it’s 17 degrees Fahrenheit here. My fall garden is leaves and wood chips. I’d love to have a fall garden, but I enjoy 4 seasons and can’t tolerate summer heat.

  15. Weatherbug says Selma, Alabama is 39°F. Are they screwed up or did you move? I like putting new website locations on weather bug cause they give me a map of where you are and weather of course.