Growing 30 plants in less than 2 Sq Ft with this Vertical Tower Garden! This Vertical Tower Garden from “Green Stalk Garden” is incredible! Really easy to put …


  1. thank you for the balcony gardening tips! not enough of these videos online. What do you recommend when you need to change out the soil? just add more compost/potting soil or change out the whole thing?

  2. Hey Jake thanks for such amazing videos…I am in Avondale I appreciate what you are doing to make a difference in a world….I think you should use the cardboard as sheet mulch/weed barrier that can break down over time and shred the paper and place in your compost…just a thought…thanks again for who you are.

  3. Those white papers used as fillers, you can cut them up and use as toilet paper, Just dampen it with water and you're ready to have a clean butt. Those boxes can be cut up and put around the barks of trees to retain moisture.

  4. I love this series idea. This looks like a pretty easy introductory system for patios.

    The color of the pots can make a big difference in how much the soil heats up in the sun. I would be wary of black unless you're growing in a colder region (unlike a raised bed, these things might not have enough thermal mass to protect them from heating up during the day). Black is also going to reduce the bounce light the leaves can get from pot.

    Are you going to hang some mirrors to increase the amount of light the plants can get in the back? Those walls could bounce a lot more light for your plants with a few small mirrors hung up there. Although I'm not clear on where your sun is coming from.

    Thank you for this series, I look forward to seeing how this produces!

  5. I really hope that works. I always find those things are not enough dirt, not wet enough for the desert, but I am hoping you succeed. Those towers look good. I noticed in one of my pots, some salad seeds have already sprouted, even though days are till nineties here. Hopefully it gets cooler soon!

  6. Jake can you do a video on different zones numbers in United States that way we know if we purchased seeds of yours or anybody Else, it will grow. I also can put those container you are displaying in my house by my bay window. I am so excited! I got to get it. Let us know or better yet let me know LOL

  7. Hello Jake!! I finally moved to the country I will be ordering your seeds box. Where can I get those containers? I love this video OMG Jake is the man!!! we love you here in Virginia. I believe we're zone 6 and 7 can your seeds grow here?

  8. Jake I don't understand why you don't have millions of followers. Your channel is so valuable and useful. So glad I found your channel. I've been wanting to plant a garden but my condo's backyard is not ideal. Decorative rocks everywhere! This is perfect for my patio! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  9. Saw this system on Late bloomer but was wondering if tomatoes get bushy so having them towards the bottom seams to make more since.also Late bloomer used it half high for the watering work for us older shoulder gardening loves 😉 THANK YOU for all you share for all of us 😉 Warm hugs From Michigan;)

  10. I noticed that in your raised bed soil mix you do not use any Vermicilite. All of the research I have done seems to require it for gardening in the desert. Why do you not use it? I live in the Verde Valley and starting to transition my garden to raised beds.

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