I love my garden! All my gardening styles and methods are wonderful experiments. Which of these two methods is currently outperforming the other? Buy Greenstalk Vertical Gardens! http://lddy.no/25…


  1. I like the towers but they are expensive. In all fairness cats can't get into the towers like they can get into a low to the ground raised bed. There's nothing like fresh soil to urinate or defecate in. I appreciate your video and the different methods you share.

  2. I would tend to think the plants in the tower had their root systems develop better because of the confined space as compared to the plants in the raised beds. I have had issues like this when I have put a small plant in a big container whereas a similar plant in a smaller container with better root system responded better to being up potted. I would think the plants in the raised beds would eventually do better once established than the ones in the towers due to nutrient factors.

  3. Wow, I would never had though the results would be that different!
    I can see that you will never be able to grow bigger crops like chilies and tomatoes in those towers, but the looks great for smaller crops like strawberries, cale, herbs etc.like you have planted.
    And it looks like the plastic is solid in that tower, unlike some other towers I have seen! Looks like a great product 😀
    Keep up the good work, Blake!

  4. you used better soil in the tower …..you are just pushing the tower garden for personal gain you will never grow anything substantial in the tower garden. …Tower gardens are a dumb gimmick for vegetables they are for flowers so if you are planting flowers get a tower garden vegetables get a raised bed or another proven method. …and last be honest with your viewers and stop pushing garbage products