Christa and Brad discuss our essential garden prep tips and must-do items to be ready for the spring garden. Biochar, worm tea, garden planning and seed management… all stuff to get the…


  1. I learned a great tip the other day about testing whether your seeds are past their best. If you have not been organized and have not clearly marked the date of seeds ( like me) you put TEN seeds onto a piece of damp kitchen roll, put them into a zip lock bag for 7 days, the amount of seeds that germinate give you a good guide as to what your germination rate will be. If less than seven germinate then you know they are not worth keeping because once planted you will end up with big gaps. Everyone probably already knows this, but thought I would mention it because there may be someone out there like me.

  2. Yep agree with the tubs. I have a summer, fall/winter, flower. Has worked well so far….but is always subject to change at any given moment. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ha! yea mistakes I have made. You want a turnip? My family will eat them but are not fond…got 2 rows in the garden now.

  3. Please don't forget the Epson salt every garden needs it okra loves the water so I plant mine there so it gets lots of water a day I grow my onions on my burn pit they are crazy about pot ash lol

  4. The only thing I'd add is to be prepared ahead of time to attack pests!! There is nothing more discouraging than to notice pests &, by the time you get what's needed to kill them, they've destroyed your whole crop. Sometimes you are done until the next year for that particular planting!! A real BUMMER!!

  5. I would caution you against sending out seeds from other countries. I don't know where you sourced your overseas seeds from, but if they were not imported properly and you start mailing them out at random then you could be contributing to a crime.
    Loved the video and it warmed my heart when you pulled out the graph paper.

  6. When we were little and my Daddy (who was a bit nuts when it came to working) would move things around in the garden every year. Come January and the Seed Catalogue deluge began, could be found all Winter with a sheet of paper doodling. The path was straight this goes here, that goes there; the path is meandering the lawn moves here the veg moves there. He drew & planned & perused, the only things he didn't move were the trees & the Greenhouse. It's my abiding memory of those long, cold, dark night's when you just can't get on with doing it, you take the time to design it and work out the bugs of it, & the what can I plant after the first crop is over of it. We used to call it his 'Gardener's Rest' because like Christa, real Gardeners never really rest, if they aren't DOing it they're thinking & planning & taking inspiration from others about it. This year will be EPIC, you have no space limits like Ohio, you can grow as much as you want of what you want, plus you can try new things you couldn't before 'cos you needed the soil for growing what you ate. EPIC๐ŸŒฝ๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ„๐Ÿ๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒน

  7. Good ideas. I am going to put some of your ideas in use. Everybody in Saskatchewan at least in our part of Saskatchewan last year had poor
    Gardens because of a bad drought. I am always looking for new ideas so that I can grow my own produce thank you for your wonderful show.

  8. I put packets of seeds in canning jars….rice in the bottom as a desiccant, then the seed packets, then oxygen absorbers, then vacuum seal the jar. Put in cool, dark basement. Trying to stretch the life of them to the max.

  9. You got me going wheres my brain. All my coffee can down to dollar storage. Thank you, you just saved me alot of space. I also seperate your late bloomers ( of course a coffee can)๐Ÿ˜‚ Thanks for the info on Bio char.

  10. I do live in an apt and I am able to grow spring onions and garlic in my south windows. Come summer time I support the local farmers markets. Itโ€™s go time for canning and dehydrating at that time. Most people donโ€™t realize that you need to have more than one avenue to source food. What would happen if something happened to your source. Where does that leave you. FEMA is not your friend folks. God help if you are caught in that situation.

  11. I have got field peas seeds that my aunt had for years in the freeze . I guess for 30 to 40 years I planted some last year and take over the garden. Out of a hand full we planted, had almost a Gal. of dried peas shelled out, and some of the best peas you will very eat.

  12. Hey you all, I did the back to eden garden last year in my 3 raised beds and 1 30X30 in ground and I added mulch and chips on top – saved me weeding, kept the garden moist and we had a great garden. ***The key is to NOT MIX THE MULCH OR CHIPS INTO THE SOIL*** try it on a small area on one bed and I think you'll find it works great. When you go to plant, just pull mulch back until the plant starts to grow and then push back the mulch. Such a life saver!!! No weeding, watering was a minimum and it will make the soil better over the years. JUST DON'T MIX IN THE MULCH because it will then use up the nitrogen in the soil and starve your plants.