Watermelon dress for Princess Elsa of Frozen. Subscribe: http://bit.ly/JPereira Facebook: http://bit.ly/CarvingFruit Facebook: http://bit.ly/CarvingFruit …


  1. What an awesome idea! My daughter has always really loved Frozen and this is such an amazing look. You are probably one of the most talented people I have seen that do fruit carvings and other media; my daughter joked that soap carving would get your knives really clean 🙂 ! Anyway, keep up the good work and you have a fan in us both and a good heart!

  2. Buenos días amigo bonito vídeo bonito trabajo que hizo con eso yo he visto todos los vídeos y es una obra de arte que usted hace le agradezco mucho por compartir parte de su trabajo muchas felicidades que Dios lo bendiga