Join us this week as we take a step away from the traditional and build this AWESOME Flower Tower Wedding Centerpiece! Who says that you need a vase!


  1. I wanted to know a couple things : 1. What is the total cost for this project?. 2. what's the completed height of the project? This is so pretty and think it could be REALLY pretty as psry of my Great Gatsby theme centerpiece, of course changing flowers. What do you think?

  2. Thank you for the tutorial I always wonder how to make it! I wanted to use clear pipes .. where can I get it? Do I use the same couplings if I were to use the clear pipes? Pls advise. Thank you

  3. This is beautiful you were reading my mind when you made this video. I have a wedding in September that I'm decorating and the bride wants this same design layout but she said she wanted the grape vine branches at the top. Please do a tutorial with that design or message me on how to substitute the grape vine branch and flowers at top.