Charles Malki, Biologist & Plant Expert from discusses preparing fig cuttings (as well as most other cuttings). Specials thanks to BareRoot Nation Exotic & Rare Fruit…


  1. I got my euro green fig in the cup with perlite! when the time comes I will be willing to help with figge-sharefest. I will defiantly give back! Charles, I assume you sent the different varieties to people per what zone they are located in? One last questions, do these figs need another to pollinate or are they self pollinating. Bless you for your heart to share

  2. This is just so awesome…and to think if we do the same in sharing and passing down cuttings when the trees mature to share varieties with friends, family, and loved ones…I am grateful and so excited.  Thank you again!

  3. Very generous. Looks like we will have 95 more fig lovers out there. I like your new method of starting cuttings with perlite and vermiculite. It certainly minimizes the chance of mold while providing an ideal air to moisture ratio.

  4. Hello Charles. So cool you are doing this! I guess Im like a week too late for the fig givaway! Is there going to be a 2nd givaway this year?
    Great show! Thanks for all the advice! You do keep the Organic Gardening interest very high!

  5. Thank you for all your how-to videos! Hopefully I made the cut for a fig cutting 🙂 My husband and I are planting apple trees and several other types of fruit trees, along with grafting some, this spring on our new property here in the Missouri Ozarks. I will definitely be purchasing some of the 3-in-1 Plant Guard to use on them.

  6. Charles, I think once my figs get large enough to prune I can plant it forward as well. Donating cuttings to some of those who missed out this years what I call "Figgi-Sharefest". I have Chicago hardy figs I will prune in about 4 weeks. So if any of you who missed out contact Charles I can then donate cuttings as well. I am sure that most of us who have figs growing wouldn't mind joining forces with Mr. Malki and spreading the wealth of growing healthy food. Oh to see the varieties that could be made available might be intense.

  7. Thanks for this, even if I don't get one this is pretty cool. But I would like to know if we didn't get a response back from the email does it mean we're not getting one, would like to know. Did anyone get an email response back? But like I said this is pretty cool that you're doing this.

  8. That was really nice of you of sharing those cuttings, fig trees are getting really popular in Usa and deserving so, I like the way you explain and share your knowledge, you got a new subscriber, I too grow figs and learning how to propagate properly, I would love to see in the future a video on how to prune, shape and grow fig tree in container like vase shape, bush or other styles …thank you