Hope this guide helps you guys out to stay efficient with your Farming! I’ve got lots of info here in the description that I encourage you to check out if you still have questions. One thing…


  1. I think a lot of the people in the comment section that are confused should realize this is a "efficient" guide, and if they're so confused they should start with a "beginners" guide. Dumbnoobsgoplayrs3

  2. Farming remains by far my lowest skill at level 8 and the only reasons I have any experience points at all is cause of genies, partial completion of Hosidius House favor and bagged plants in my house.

  3. how do you get 99 farming way before any other skill? 175k xp/day isnt really alot, you get more in xp per day just by going to the nmz for a few hours. 0_o
    other than that flawed statement, good guide, seems very worth and will definitely begin farming trees in addition to herbs :]