Crochet this beautiful vintage lace style shawl along with me! Want a copy of my pattern for your project journal? Visit the Pattern Workshop page on our website …


  1. I love this pattern and I am writing down in my own Crochet Journal ^-^ I am still working on it because I want it to be big and cozy for the cool months. I love your tutorials for all these different patterns because of how easy they are to follow. It not only helps me get back into crochet, but it is fun to do. I look forward to your next video πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us all. Beautiful. I just started my YouTube channel with a little bit of everything and my soon to be journey to Italy. Maybe you could stop by my channel sometime. Have a great day

  3. not sure why, why mine is going out at too great an increase rate, it is not making a triangle it is almost making gathers in the middle when I attempt to put it into the right shape. I am a leftie.. that can't have any bearing surely. after the bubble and after the motive I chain one. a motive at both ends. cannot figure why it is not growing correctly but almost increasing too fast

  4. thank you so much for doing this video . I've been crocheting for over 40 years and still have trouble following some video patterns. But yours are so clear and you explain exactly what your doing .

  5. Dear Jayda , I thank you so much for your tutorials. I made 3 of your vintage lace shawls,they're gorgeous beautiful. I love them. I thank you so much again.

  6. Jayda – you are fantastic.Β  Your presentation is crystal clear, your personality is delightful and exudes happiness!Β  Thank you for this shawl pattern.Β  I found it super easy to work … and I am pretty much a beginner (well,Β I'm resuming afterΒ about 46 years since I did crochet before).Β  I've subscribed and will look forward to any and all of your videos.Β  Kindest wishes to you!

  7. You present a very clear and concise demonstration with great additional enhancements that makes your instruction absolutely foolproof. Plus you speak clearly and have a wonderful personality.Β  Thanks!Β  I'm so glad I found your channel!!

  8. Jayda! You are amazing! I just appreciate your teaching so much! I happen to have a mild traumatic brain injury, so cognitively, it is difficult for me to grasp written patterns and even a lot of videos, but your videos are fun and easy to understand. This is my second shawl of this pattern. The people I have given them to love them! Please see if you can teach us how to make a summer tunic that is lacy and pretty to wear, but please include instructions on making it larger for bigger people. Your'e so thin! Thanks for everything and have a nice Easter!!! -Tina