Stinky, but lovely…have you ever met a corpse plant/corpse flower??? Let me know in the comments! MY COLORING BOOKS Spooky Sweets …


  1. Was wondering where you've been hiding?! Good to see you back. I agree with you on the blender pencil. I started using Prismacolor over 10 years ago and used the blender pencil a few times, but never really liked it. I normally use the white Prismacolor to blend in all my colors or the lightest pencil in my palette, then go over my piece again to brighten it back up. I sometimes use the blender pencil, BUT I use it to push the pigment into the tooth on the cheaper/thinner paper. I find with some of these coloring book papers and when using Prismas a lot of white will show through no matter how many layers or burnishing you do, so the blender actually pushes it into the tooth better. I then will go back in over the blender and brighten up my colors again – the blender dulls the color. And no, I have never met a corpse plant. 🙂