Making gardening an attraction and an easy thing for children. Gardening For Children’ is a requested upgrade from the ‘Children’s Corner’ of last year’s Small Garden Channel videos I shall…


  1. Hello George, another delightful video from you! It's great to get children interested in gardening at a young age isn't it? I love your idea of using a discarded milk jug for watering your seedlings. I'll definitely be giving that a try!

  2. Morning George 🙋 from a bitterly cold Dordogne. Excellent video 👌😁👍. I find when children are introduced to gardening, they love it and the smile on their faces when they see those seeds producing nice things, they are amazed. Hi poppy again 🙋😁, great that you are learning by helping your granddad. Big thumbs up to you both. Hugs x

  3. I hope the children don't mind me being here 🙂
    Aww I wasn't ready for it to end. Poppy is a very good head gardener!
    I started taking my seeds off the dried paper towel and putting the seeds in a small baggie with a label. I find it time intrusive so I believe I will go back to the way you do it. It's so much easier.
    I will stay tuned for your next video as I don't want to miss your transplanting.
    I hope Poppy enjoys her flowers that she sowed with you for years to come!!👍