Welcome to my zone 8 garden in Rimrock, Arizona (mid-desert). In November 2016 I did a first frost tour (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ox8xJjAFpas). This is an updated video well after the…


  1. Wow very nice! I just recently moved to southern Arizona and started a homestead , really like how you setup the beds and plant cover crops it seems like all over! Very cool wish i had your plant knowledge for Arizona however I'm started to get the hang of it.

  2. Love your garden and how much you were able to achieve in short period of time.
    I would suggest some sort of cover for your through, though. We unfortunately experienced some young bird losses when they misjudged where the rims were 🙁

  3. It's neat that you're growing the Hopi yellow watermelon. Have you eaten any? I grew them years ago but the melons weren't sweet. You should check out Greg Peterson's Seed Up event (end of September in Phoenix). Last year he had a lot of native and heirloom seeds.

  4. Hi Emily Porter love your tour of your garden… looks to be a little warm where you are????…. we have relatives livin near Tombstone they have often said how difficult gardening can be homesteading and ranching on the edge of a desert is hard certain times of the year they have to beware of Diamondback Rattle Snakes ….. the horses let you know where they hang out we wear knee high boots …. you see a Striker can't bite higher than your calf I live in Brigham Utah Emily Porter god be with you seya Ed